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Car gone through...lol

posted in: bkmagic's garage, news on August 15, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Engine going back in car.

Engine going back in car.

I had the whole front end redone. Control arm bushings, shocks, basically everything.
I then had an accident with my rural mailbox. Snuck up on me (only been there since 1977).
While backing up to my driveway I heard a terrible sound. When I looked back my mailbox was on top my drivers side rear fender. Took about a 1 inch scrape all the way down to the metal. (Good thing I cemented that metal pipe with the plate welded on it to my mailbox lol). Also put a tear in my vinyl top. So I took in to the body/paint shop. After getting into it, we found 3 patches that were never done right so I had them cut out and fixed right. Everything on both sides of the car was re-painted from the doors back, including the trunk lid. I then took it in and had a new vinyl top put on it. Then about 2 years ago I had bought all new glass for the car all the way round but had only put the front and back winshields in. So, off to the glass shop it went to have all the side glass in. 3 and 1/2 weeks later I got it home, after a few problems, like them shattering one of the rear quarter glasses and having 2 window slides brittle problems. So anyway, after getting the new glass and slides I got it home. Meanwhile I decided to try a new look for the car and bought 18” wheels and tires and put them on (replacing my stock 14” magnun 500’s)
I pulled the engine out and painted the engine compartment. Had some parts rechromed and had a few more new pieces chromed. Tore engine down to the short block. Put aluminum stealth heads, roller rockers and a 2-4 barrel set up on it. New water and fuel pump. New headers and so on. Put engine back in. Helped support summit racing and my local parts stores.
So…Anyway not much been going on..

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