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Fixing Dents With Compressed Air and A Hair Dryer: Does That Really Work?

posted in: collisionblast.com garage, news on January 03, 2012 at 11:04 AM


Fix Dents using compressed air and a hair dryer. Does that really work? That is what we are going to test in this auto show. I used many different ways to repair door dents and door dings, but never the compressed air and hair dryer trick. If this works, the dent removal cost will be minimal. A can of air…that is it. Join Donnie Smith in the first episode of Does It Really Work Auto Show to learn if it works for me, or not.

For watch more upcoming videos in this video series and DIY how to videos, visit The Auto Show.  

Thanks for watching and I share these videos with your friends.  There will be more videos testing different products to see if they really work or not.  This will help you determine if you should spend your money on car products or not.  If you have a car related product that you would like tested, send me an e-mail to donniesmithmail@gmail.com




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