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Convert to Boss Hog

posted in: speedway motor's garage, news on October 13, 2009 at 05:49 PM

Boss Hog torque converters can take some serious punishment!

Boss Hog torque converters can take some serious punishment!

If you think choosing the right converter for your ride can be tricky, just ask Nelson Gill of ACC Performance how tricky it is to build a converter that can survive over 700 horsepower! The Technical Staff at Speedway got the chance to do so last Thursday when the boys from ACC (Muscle Shoals, AL) stopped by to chat. For Gill, who happens to be President of ACC, durability is the name of the game. His company is the manufacturer of the legendary Boss Hog torque converters, which are well known for delivering solid performance under extreme conditions. In fact, Boss Hog converters have been lighting up tires since 1970, and under Gill’s management the company is sure to reach new heights.

Gill leads a team of 8 employees with over 100 years of experience in performance driveline systems. With its small staff, ACC keeps tight rein on engineering and material quality. For example, all Boss Hog converters feature fully welded (NOT furnace brazed) components, which eliminates the erosion problems associated with brazing. The 1040 steel hubs also accept a cleaner, more consistent weld than lesser chromemoly hubs from many competitors. Plus, their fully encased, industrial-grade bearings are able to handle not hundreds, but thousands of pounds of torque. With all superior components, ACC guarantees that a Boss Hog converter will satisfy your needs. Gill even claims that a customer’s ‘69 Camaro drag car has ran a single Boss Hog ($250 retail) to 1.32 60ft times for over 15 years!

Speedway Motors offers a complete line of Boss Hog converters for GM, Ford, and Mopar transmissions, in a variety of stall speeds. Our knowledgeable Tech Staff can even help you select the right converter for your application. Gill also notes that changes to your cars carburetor, intake, camshaft, exhaust, or curb weight can have a significant effects on your converters stall speed. He explained how converting from single-to-dual exhaust can drop your stall speed, and even the addition of a simple H-pipe can drop stall speed by 300 RPM. Converting from a Performer intake manifold to a Performer RPM will also drop the stall speed. For these reasons, ACC offers a factory-direct “Restall & Refresh” service for any Boss Hog converter starting at only $45 (within 2 years of original purchase w/ recipt).

In summary, Gill wanted to point out a few common issues customers run into when installing a new converter. First, remember that when you change the diameter of the torque converter, the factory trans dipstick no longer reads accurately. Second, for optimum performance, keep transmission temps as close to 190 degrees as possible. Finally, do not use factory-type integral radiator/trans “coolers” in performance applications. They actually only heat the fluid with the engine coolant to reduce emissions and improve mileage. Performance transmissions should always be equipped with the largest external trans cooler available. Regardless, call us at 1-800-979-0122 or visit SpeedwayMotors.com and we’ll hook you up!



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