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Professional Tyre Machines- Change Flat Tyres Effortlessly

posted in: apoautomotive equipment co.,ltd. garage, news on July 04, 2013 at 02:21 AM

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tire changing machine,manual tyre changer,tire changers for sale,tire machines for sale,coats tire changer

Professional tire changers have really alleviated the hassles of tyre changing with their sophisticated angle and rotation control mechanisms.

With the advancement in the tyre technology, wheels have become specialised objects which are heavy in size and difficult to change. Professional tyre machines like wheel balancing and wheel changing machines have assumed substantial amount of importance.

Due to specialised tyre changing machines and tyre racking machines – wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel changing have become quite an easy task. Due to professional tyre changing machines, you no longer require a jack to change flat tyres, but they are sophisticated equipments, which can change your tyres in a fraction of seconds.

There are many kinds of machines that are available today, from the simple wheel balancers, wheel changers with backlit display, tyre changers with assist arms and pneumatic arms; tyre changing has completely been facilitated for people. Imported machines are now available in this regard that can help you with your flat tyres at any place and you can repair your car in any kind of emergency also.

You can also make use of tyre racking machines where you can easily store a large number of tyres up to 30. You can easily put your tyres and that too in tiers of these tyre-racking machines. Professional 30 inch tyre changing machines with automatic one touch machines can very easily simplify the mounting and demounting of tyres and can easily expedite the removal of tyres.

This kind of machine includes a centrally controlled bead breaker system, which can help with the removal of tyres from both the upper and lower sides.

During this process, the rotation speed of the tyre is automatically controlled. You can also make use of the advanced fully automatic 24 inch tyre changer with quick release tooling which comes equipped with a full set of mounting heads also allowing you to alleviate the friction caused during the changing of tyres with their automatic angle adjustment mechanisms.

With this machine, you can easily change the flat tyre of any size and rim with the least of efforts and with least damage caused to the tyres and rims. Fully automatic tyre changing machine with 26-inch pneumatic arm can easily facilitate tyre changing for you with its pneumatic three function assist arm with which you can remove and mount a tyre with the simple touch of a fingertip.

You can achieve a very hassle-free mounting and dismounting of tyres even with the lower quality of tyres. This machine is equipped with an advanced mounting head which provides total protection of the rims and the wheels from friction during mounting and dismounting. It can easily make adjustments for the rotation and the angular movements which are caused during the process.

The automatic 26 inch wheel balancer with colour LCD display can also simplify the task of tyre changing with its multi-faceted monochrome display which can easily guide the user through all the necessary stages of the wheel changing process. This machine possesses a very low rotation speed which can easily minimize friction.

This is due to the speed, the engine for the full use of your money, offering to reduce your losses. This machine can guide extensively through all the stages of wheel balancing with four specialized user settings.




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