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9 Easy Steps To Blend Paint Jobs From Home!

posted in: auto body and paint garage, news on December 10, 2012 at 09:51 PM

9 Steps to a successfully blending a paint job on your project.

1. First you want to pinpoint your body work area and apply the proper body work strategies. You know, …the panel beating, the banging, the hammering pounding and all that noise.

2. Fill the area with your body filler. The “Bondo” as most us us call it. Bondo is only a body filler brand. Some people think that “bondo” is the body filler of body fillers. You have Rage Gold, Evercoat and a bunch of other body filler brands and they all work well, even the Wal Mart ones work!

3. Sand your body filler flat, use a guide coat if you are having a hard time getting it flat. Then you want to use your proper 2k primer with your hardener. After you prime, check for imperfections. Do your glaze …if you need to. Wetsand and walla you’re ready for masking.

4. Masking… Masking is a very important step especially when blending because you need to blend into areas that will not be totally masked. If you watch the video you’ll see certain areas of the car that are not masked.

5. 2000 grit the blending areas so you can have a section to melt your clearcoat to. You can use a paint blender that you mix with your clear on the last coat OR my way… so you can save on the blender is to (use reducer) to blend. I’ll show you how to easily use the plain old reducer that you use for base and clear to blend your paint PRO style!

6. Apply your base color in a feather spray pattern only covering the primed areas first. Gradually widen your coverage on the 2-3 coats until your base coat starts to blend with the original base color on your panels.

7. Clearcoat time. Clear all of your panels except the blending areas twice until you get that high gloss look all over except where you want to blend. On the last coat is where you will mix your reducer with your clear. Mix the proper amount and blend only over the section where the clear is dry looking. Carefully blend the clearcoat, more like melting the clear with the reducer to the panel.

8. Buffing. wetsand the entire paint blending area with 1500 – 2000 grit paper and buff with the recommended buffing pads and compound which we cover step-by-step in the VIP Training Course.

9. Enjoy your completed project! This may seem a little confusing if you are new to painting but when actually seen in step-by-step detail and watching me as I show you exactly how to do this and also showing you the best compounds you want to use makes it MUCH easier.

You’ll also save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. Not to mention the money you can make by fixing friends, family’s cars on your spare time.

If you want more information on the proper tricks tips and methods so you can completely dominate auto body and paint from home. You must check out the VIP Membership Club, it’s filled with over 50 HOURS of video tutorials as I show you exactly how to fix and repair anything from home.



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