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Posies Driven Dirty Tour 2009 Day 5

posted in: coker tire's garage, news on October 30, 2009 at 02:06 PM

“Amarillo by mornin” was a great country song by maybe George Strait? I know I am going to be hummin or singin it all day! Remember it?

Wade and I snored each other awake early Thursday morning in Amarillo and bugged out on the rest of the crew to go find a Waffle House at 530 AM. It’s our duty. We have to! Because… (I stole this from my sweetheart Theresa) we are eatin our way cross the USA! After wishing grandmother waitress “Becky” happy birthday and downin our rooster bullets, bacon, grits n waffles we slipped back into the parking lot fed, full and unnoticed. Apparently a couple of cars left early, early at 530 AM or so being correctly concerned about the report of snow in the mountains between Amarillo and Albuquerque.

Being the oh so patient pair, Wade and I also loaded up and leaped out on to I-40 quickly so to have a head start on any traffic or weather condition obstacle that might be before us just as the early crew had done. We told the stragglers that we would text back the road conditions and put the pedal to the metal! We didn’t fill up, and had traveled over 260 miles on the truck the evening before. It was dark, cold and spittin a mixture of snow n rain. I really am not sure why it was a surprise to either of us when GR3 started “coughing and spittin like a chain smoker needin a sweet Lucky Strike”. Wade was driving and did the side to side slosh action to make sure the fuel pump in our old 32 would get the last drop of arabian liquid gold to the flathead V8. The next highway sign we saw said six miles so we debated what to do. You know it really always comes down to the simplest things in this sort of situation. Pay me now or pay me later! Well, as Paul Harvey always said, “and now for page two!” God was gracious to us cause we coasted right off the freeway and into a Shamrock Oil station where we filled up the 32 and hit the road again toward Albuquerque and more specifically my buddy Gab Joiner’s museum up Rio Rancho way north of Albuquerque.

I just got an email from son in law Greg Cunningham stating that the side curtains must be working great on GR3, because I “quit whining about them”! Yessir Mr Cunningham, our truck is doing great and the side curtains are keepin us toasty!

You know, ridin’ through the high desert of New Mexico and watchin’ the beautiful and massive expanse of our wonderful country go by from the passenger seat of a cool vehicle reminds me how blessed this country is. Right now there is a whole lot of bickering about politics, the economy, government getting too big, health care going on, but seldom do we recognize what we have. We seem to be too focused on things we don’t like or have to recognize the things that we are blessed with right in front of us. Accentuate the positive! Don’t misunderstand me though, ’cause liberals are still wrong!

The snow threat has turned out to be a big zero so far. As we climbed to 7,000 feet at about Clines Corner, New Mexico, there was some snow on the ground, but nothing on the road and beautiful blue skies above. We caught up with Honest Mike and Gary Case who had stopped for a coffee at the OWL Diner in Albuquerque. Our buddy Joe Abbin of Road Runner Engineering (flathead expert and author) met us there. Wade, Gary and Wayne all got a autographed copy of his latest book about Flat head motors. There is a chapter about our Double Exposure Duece with 300 horsepower supercharged flathead.

We made to J & B Auto Museum to see our friends Gab and Evonna Joiner. Eddie Barella had arranged lunch and boy was it good! BBQ pork chops and Taco Burgers with a chile that would fire anyone’s rocket!

Since we still had the second 275 mile leg of the day to drive to make it in all the way to Winslow, Arizona by dark, AND it started snowing like nobody’s business,…Wade and I decided to boogie. By the time we got back to I-40, our windshield was covered with snow! The road never started accummulating except for when we got to the Continental Divide. We had to stop to clean the windshield once because the passenger side simply froze over. It was REALLY blowin’ ‘n snowin’! Since Wade is like me,” a great back seat driver”….he HAD to see too!

So, you won’t believe it! You see,…my GR3 has these original style windwings that are made of real glass plate. They attach to the windshield and work to kick the wind out away from the window making for a pleasant drive when the side curtains are off. We heard a clank clank…. and watched as the passenger side wind wing fell away from view. Dang! We both could see us and GR3 finishing our trip wingless. Two or three minutes went by as we were still cruising west on I 40 when I asked Wade to just look outside on the running board in the very unlikely event the windwing was miraclously still on the running board. Wade said, “BE CAREFUL PULL OVER ITS hanging halfway off the running board!” It was the miracle of the wind wing! We put her back on and trudged on like a modern day hot rodder Jack London and White Fang westward to Winslow.

We made it to Winslow about dusk just in time for our dinner reservation at the LA POSADA Inn. What a cool Inn and Restaurant! I’ve been to Winslow many times but experiencing the LA POSADA was a great experience. If you ever are there in Winslow, Arizona just standin’ on the corner, don’t look back at the girl in the bright red Ford, go eat at LA Posada!

From the road,

Corky (and Wade)



Firewisinger's Garage
October 30, 2009 at 05:26 PM

you’re making me envious :)

BOBS Garage
October 31, 2009 at 11:55 AM

What an awsome road trip. Wish I could join ya. It’s a lifelong dream that I WILL do. Be safe. bob

Travelin Man Garage
October 31, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Hey Corky,
Wow great story about the wing window. Must be a good life you live.
Yeah makes me envious also! Except the traveling in the snow.
Another road tour story, after being greeted by Auto Meter CEO Jeff King and then leaving Sycamore, Illinois while on the tour the tour with Jerry Dixey It snowed Silver Dollar sized flakes. When entering the “I” noticed the road tour car parked on the side of the road full of snow. “This time I needed Snow-X, a product that I quickly developed in my mind as I tried to see through the inch of snow that covered the windshield of the Roadster” Jerry said. A phrase coined by another tour member, John Hervat.
Good Luck,
I hope to join along another year,
Don in WI.

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