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Information needed on how to find an Original Owner

posted in: k.b. automotive garage, news on April 01, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Spid for Truck

Spid for Truck

Looking to find a way to track down a Origial Owner of My Truck. DMV says their records don’t go back that far. Since I have owned it for the last 18 years and the person I bought it from had it for 10 yrs. I have a 1971 C10 Cheyanne Super, short bed fleetside, Special Paint code (Pewter Silver w/ Blue Houndstooth interior) Big Block, T400, Camper Mirrors. Appears to have had a Cabover camper when new, possibly white spoke wheels later. It had some differant badges on it below the front marker lights. They appeared to have been brazed up when it was repainted back the orig. color years before I owned it. When I stripped it off it appeared to be painted with Imron Paint. Built at the Fremont Plant. It was delivered to Guardian Chev. in Brea Ca. Unfortunatly all records are gone from the dealership and the Owners sons weren’t into cars. The dealership would have ordered 2 trucks in this color combo to get the special paint code. I bought it from a gentleman in Poway Ca. If the Original Owner is a Hubster or one of his/her kids are they may know the Truck. Unfortunatly the Pics I had when I first bought it have been lost. Here’s the kicker, This truck had a LS6 in it when I bought it. Date code on the Block D-6-71, Desination code TO507CRR (70 Chevelle), Date code on the Diff D-2-71, Build date of the truck May 17 1971, No Vin stamped in the block. 3964291 Cyl. Heads one dated 1971. (1971 should have had 3994026 open chamber heads) Talking with a guy who worked at the Fremont plant back in the day said strange things went on there all the time. I understand the purest will say there is no way this came in this truck, But date codes are to close to ignore. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it.



351 Cleveland Garage
April 02, 2012 at 09:58 AM

Good Luck my friend, I bought the wifes Mach1 from a Colonel in the air force who purchased it from the son of the original owners who let him use it to go to college in Arizona. I am the third titled owner, it was purchased new at a dealership in Salt Lake city Utah, the dealership is has been bought out years ago so no records availible, contacted the bank that it was financed thru and never heard back, DMV in Utah was no help at all. Finally gave up.

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