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Vintage Racing Goggles

posted in: vault® garage, news on July 14, 2010 at 04:07 PM

Vintage Googles are Fun Wearing Them or Adding to your Collection of Memorabilia

Vintage Googles are Fun Wearing Them or Adding to your Collection of Memorabilia

Vintage goggles, just like those worn by classic motorcycle riders, race car drivers and open cockpit aviator pilots, not only heighten your experience while wearing them, but they look great displayed alongside other collectibles in a collection.

For many, the idea of purchasing an old car or bike has a lot to do with …nostalgia. A chance to relive the glory days when rock-n’-roll ruled the airwaves or a fond memory from childhood. To recreate this experience as authentically as possible, it’s the details that becomes necessary to furnish out the experience.

It’s also about style.

And lets face, when you outfit yourself in the right jacket, footwear, and even some leather gloves (after all, you wouldn’t want to turn up to a rally wearing a white tuxedo, would you?), you need to consider the headwear.

There are many options available to you here: full face or open face; visor, sunglasses or goggles. But for those true enthusiasts who want to go full-out and stay authentic to tradition, then there really is no other choice than to opt for the latter. It’s an image which is synonymous with riding a classic bike or open car: a rider with a pair of leather goggles up over their helmet or covering their eyes. Its an image that is so iconic, that it can even look at home on the catwalk of a fashion show in Paris.

But its not entirely about style either because wearing goggles goes beyond simply the aesthetic. Wearing goggles is about the feeling you get when you are wearing them. The feeling of the frame pushing up against your face. The feeling of being exposed to the elements. Or simply feeling like you’re a classic motorcyclist or race car driver. So that when you’re out on a ride, with the wind rushing against your cheeks, the years are blown back and you’re reminded of the thrill you got out of riding these beautiful machines all those years ago.

It’s a matter of choice.

Of course, there are a few downsides to wearing goggles. Your face is less protected; they can be difficult to clear when it’s raining; and some riders experience problems with them misting up until they get moving in those conditions. But when you’re cruising down an old country lane on a warm summer’s day and all you’re worried about is a bit of dust and debris, then the alternatives can feel like overkill (or underkill in the case of sunglasses which can allow grit to get into the eyes). And why would you be out on your bike in the beautiful countryside when it’s pouring down with rain anyhow?

So when you purchase a pair of goggles you know that you’ll be buying into an equal share of style and substance. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to experience classic riding in its most purest and basic form. And when you’re BS’ing with your buddies at the bar with your goggles perched up over your helmet, you might even feel even a bit more like Phil Hill in a Ferrari or Stirling Moss in a BRM at Grand Prix.


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